Monday, July 13, 2009

Yum Peking Chicken Drummets $2.00EA

Took her out for her first really big run last weekend, The Canberra run was more of a day trip. Sydney to Echuca, return. Made it as far as Jerilderie on Friday night, first bit of country night riding. You know, the high beam gamble, where everything turns a bit video game like and you start imagining the different sorts of kangaroo-stepping-onto-the-road scenarios... At 110kms an hour. Stayed at the pub Ned Kelly held hostage, complete with open fire and steak and beer. So good. Onto Echuca from J on Saturday morning, where I had the chance to wind open that throttle as far as it could go. It worked. Home again on Sunday morning. 788kms in 12 hours, including pie and coffee stops. Not bad. Easy, compared to Jewelz, who completely put me to shame by doing the whole damn thing on a Kawazaki ZZR 250. Good fun though. Brought the Ghostesse home with 2,800 kms on the clock, well overdue for her 1,000km service. She goes in on Wednesday.

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Jewlz Downunder said...

We didn't put yers to shame we just went along for the adventure and we weren't gonna be left behind in case the boogie man would get us! haha :-D

Oh and we gotta say thanks to Sean of Urana and his gerry can too! :-D

So, where to next? :-D