Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Where it all started

Not with this one exactly but same model. '95 BMW F650. The Baroness. Seen on Harrington Street this arvo. Tonight I blasted up Oxford Street and Anzac Parade with a RED F650 (not my old one) and a 1200GS. We were all sitting at the lights together and I said to the F, 'that was my first bike!' To which the F replied, 'was it?' And paused... 'It's a very satisfying ride' Which is pretty much all you can say about it.
Chris down at CBD has bought himself a black 2005 F650GS. He is loving it. Checked it out this arvo, and I must say, I envied him. A prudent purchase, but one that will provide him with many years of faultless and 'satisfying' riding. To say the least.

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