Monday, December 7, 2009

A long time ago, our point of view was broadcast by Mr. Bartholomew

Just happened across what could possibly be Australia's finest collection of Nortons, Dean Hogarth's collection in Murray Bridge, South Australia. Dean is an ornery old cuss who used to race speedway cars 'till his license was revoked due to abuse of an official... He then got into bikes and now restores and maintains this immaculate collection in an old service station on the way into town. He's not online ('hates computers and all that shit') but his number is 08 8531 1005, give him a call if you're interested in anything Norton. He's got plenty of stories to tell and is more than willing to tell them. You can't miss his joint, it's the old servo with the cute little CZ out the front. Word of warning: he doesn't suffer fools gladly!

The Vintagent would love this!

More pics on the 002 Flickr!

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Dan said...

I've peered in through those dusty windows on many occasions, quite a collection he has there.
Looks like you had a great trip, must say I'm a little envious!
Pity we couldn't cross paths in Melbourne.