Friday, September 18, 2009

I's three-fourths drunk she looked all right

Nothing quite like walking out of work and seeing my bike parked next to some new friends. I was so excited to see a nice new K1200RT parked next to her that I forgot to take off the disc lock, started her up and began to ride off. Only to be stopped short by aforementioned disc lock, which caused her to lean over on a surprising angle, and I had to gently place her on the tarmac. Second time that's happened. Both sides now. No damage except to my pride, thankfully. A bike's not truly yours till you've put it on the ground. Good thing it wasn't a flash new K1200RT. They're not meant to be on the ground, period. GSs don't mind it that much. AVAGOODWEEGEND!


Chris said...

Mate, this is becoming a habit!

Jewlz Downunder said...

oh no - oops-a-daisy!! :-(

The upside is that you're a hero of a man, and your beloved Ghostess is the perfect Lady to say - well that's how we roll darlin, so Cowboy up let's get back on the road!

I'm glad no damage to both, and must admit - I don't envy your having to pick her up! :-( xxx